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1. The game
2. Account Status
3. Profiles
4. Shop
5. Bank
6. Attack
7. Attack Logs
8. Rankings
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1. The Game Explained:

SRW is an online RPG, role playing game. In the game you are each a Street racer. Your purpose is to sell drugs to make money and gain power. Your ultimate goal is to become the richest Street racer in the game. To do this you must get clicks on your player link. Each time you get a click to that link you will earn somewhere between $100-$200 at the time of the click and gain 1 power point per click. Every hour you earn mone based on your power. In the game you build up your character by earning money from your link and power. You can attack other users in the game with our attack feature. When you attack another player you can steal money from them. You can spend your in game money to buy items from the shop, this makes you more powerful for attacking and makes you harder to attack. If you still might have questions then continue reading for a more detailed set of instructions on SRW.

2. Acount status:

Refer link:
THIS IS THE MAIN PART OF THE GAME. You must get clicks on this link to gain power points. You may have the same person click on your link 1 time every 24 hours. Each time you get a click to your link, you will gain 1 power point and will earn between $100 and $200. It is very important to build up your power because for every power point you have earned from getting clicks to your link, you will make $20 each turn. A turn happens every hour. So if you have gotten 10 clicks to your refer link, then you will earn $200 each hour. This is the main way to build up your income.
Your refer link is :

Next turn:
This tells you how long until the next turn happens. A turn happens every hour on the hour.

Money you will make next turn:
This tells you how much money you will make on the next turn. This is a reflection of your power points. For every power point you have earned, your account will be credited with $20 every turn. This is why it's very important to get clicks to your refer link.

Username: Your User name
Account ID: This is your account ID number
Power points: How many clicks you have gotten to your refer link.
Cash in pocket: Cash you have earned and have not put into the bank
Cash banked: Cash you have put in your bank, and cannot be stolen during an attack
Total Cash: total of your pocket cash and banked cash

Street racer rank: This is your rank based on your power points. The rankings are as follows:
0-10 points: SRW level 1
10-25 points: SRW level 2
25-50 points: SRW level 3
50-100 points: SRW level 4
100-150 points: SRW level 5
150-225 points: SRW level 6
225-300 points: SRW level 7
300-400 points: SRW level 8
400-500 points: SRW level 9
500-650 points: SRW level 10
650-850 points: SRW level 11
850-1100: points: SRW level 12
1100-1400: points: SRW level 13
1400-1750: points: SRW level 14
1750-2000: points: SRW level 15
2000-2500: points: SRW level 16
2500-3000: points: SRW level 17
3000-4000: points: SRW level 18
4000-5000: points: SRW level 19
5000-7000: points: SRW level 20
7000-9000: points: SRW level 21
9000-11500: points: SRW level 22
11500-15000: points: SRW level 23
15000-20000: points: SRW level 24
Street racer owner: The person you were refered to the site by, if any.

Attack Turns Left:
This is how many attacks you have left. You are given 2 attack turns each turn, or every hour. They build up if you do not use them. When you use them, you can use up to 10 on a single attack. The more you use on an attack, the more cash you can potentially steal.

Attacks won:
This is the total number of attacks you have been in and won. Whether you made the attack or the attack was made on you, it is counted here if you won the attack.

Attacks Lost:
Same as attacks won, but here its for the attacks you were not the winner of.

Attack Items:
Here is where you can see what items you have bought in the shop. A picture of the item is displayed and the number you have purchased is shown below.

Your Street racer followers:
This is another very important part of the game. Here is where the Street racers that were refered by you are shown. You earn a % of your Street racer follower's earnings. If you directly refered someone, you will earn 15% of their earnings, 10% of their referals, and 5% of their referals.
So its like this:
1st level - 15%
2nd level - 10%
3rd level - 5%

Shown in the list is your Street racer followers name, money earned, and power points. is owned by